Help With Automation.

I’m using Automation to change the cutoff values of a low-pass filter. Currently I can adjust it from 0% - 100%. However, this is much to great of a range to work with in such a small area, its very sensitive. The sweet spot that I’m focused on is going up and down in value between 50-70%. Its painstaking to draw the envelopes on such a minute scale. Is there a way to increase the size of the automation bar or adjust the parameters so they fall within a more appropriate range?

You can type in the value of any point entered exactly. Along the bottom, the bit that says No Value in this picture.

Thanks, that helps, but is this the only other way to go about this? Can you record automation with the mouse in a “live” setting? btw I noticed you can zoom too :)

Sorry I forgot the main link to page, further reading that may help your questions.