Help with envelopes

I found a couple of old posts asking for help on this and back then it wasn’t possible. Hope the functionality exists now.

I’m trying to automate and record sample modulation changes. For example, changing the decay in AHDSR so it sticks to the pattern. The doofer init lets me automate effects but I can’t link it to changes in the sampler modulation.

Any help or workarounds appreciated.


In the sampler, at the top, click the little macros button. Click the button on one of the macros to assign it to something. You can assign this to the decay.

Now on the track, find the device called “instr macros” and insert it on the track. Make sure it’s linked to the correct instrument slot. You can now automate the decay at will, into the pattern or automation envelopes.

that easy…thank you for stealing carbon my friend, you certainly aren’t an oxygen thief.