Help With External Plugins


I’m still pretty new to Renoise, and absolutely loving the program and the learning experience, yet I’m having trouble launching some of my go-to VST’s. About a year ago I bought Native Instrument’s Komplete set of programs because I had used Kontakt on a friend’s setup and loved it. I have been using Massive, Absynth, Kontakt and Battery 3 in other programs for a while now, and use a lot of Massive and Absytnh in Renoise, however I can’t get Kontakt or Battery to work. This is really a shame, because the project I am working on at the moment is very rhythm and dance focused, and I need to use some of Battery’s faithful percussion samples.

The problem goes like this: Whenever I use battery as a plugin in Renoise, the external window appears and the program appear to function normally, however no sound plays through Renoise. I can hit the pads and the volume monitor on Battery registers audio and the like, yet none gets played. And whenever I try to load Kontakt, Renoise usually crashes all together or simply does the same it does with Battery. Now I have opened these programs in Pro Tools before, so I know it’s not a problem with the VST’s themselves. It just seems that Renoise isn’t compatible, BUT I use the other Native Instruments programs all the time, Massive, Absynth etc…

What is going on?

PS I wasn’t sure if this should have been posted in the Bugs section, but since I am a beginner and might just be missing a step I decided to post it here. I might re-post in the Bugs section



I think Battery has 2 different VST versions, one for plain stereo (one LR output) and one with multiple outs… if you have loaded a preprogrammed drum kit a lot of drum sounds might have been allocated to output virtual ‘jacks’ other than the 1 & 2s… If you select the VST instrument on the upper left, then look into Instrument Settings in the bottom of the screen, under ‘Plugin’ you can find a section that’s normally hidden: Output.

I have a different problem with Battery 3 - specifically with the AU version (the VST seems to work fine). When it’s first placed on a track the interface opens fine, it all looks normal. If you close the interface and then try to reopen it, you get this error:

Hope I’m not hijacking this thread here, but maybe the two issues are related. I’m on the 64bit Mac version of 2.8, and running the latest 64 bit updated version of Battery.