Help With Jack Configuration Needed


I think I need some help from more advanced users. I am trying to build my very own Archlinux system for audio purposes again, this time x64. I have a problem with jack2 setup. I can’t get my card (emu 0404) to work in duplex mode with period value other than 2. I remember I was able to set it to even 6 or 7 if I wished to (I mean in my previous arch systems which were x86 and jack1). Now if I try -n 3 jack complains it is not possible to set periods = 3 for capture. When I try "Playback Only’ it is running fine. Can anyone who has jack2 and emu0404 check is it impossible for him too?

Another issue is everytime I reload a xrns I get 1 xrun in jack2 (which is prefered for x64). In jack1 Renoise get’s disconnected from server. In jack1 case there is a workaround: set higher timeout. In jack2 I get 1 xrun no matter how big buffer is set.

I think something is seriously wrong with my configuration but I can’t figure what.

If you haven’t already, You might try setting the device in qjackctl manually to whichever device has a X,X… for instance on my vaio here I use the onboard sound device, but in order to use it in duplex mode I must select the device hw:0,0.

I’ve been a linux user for over 10 years but have never built arch from scratch… I never have understood the point of it when we have full blown distros pre-tuned for audio w/ low latency and RT kernels - avlinux and KXstudio are quite nice if you’re more into making music than geeking your system, but I’m not suggesting you do what I do, just want to be sure you know about them.

cheers and good luck!

I seem to hear more and more people moving towards Arch to get away from Pulse Audio… Seems a large step, surely there are easier ways to distance yourself or remove PA. Seems most distros are embedding it quite deeply these days though.

I don’t have a problem with pulseaudio, last time I set up a system PA was a good solution for nonjack software. Arch is very user friendly and flexible.

I don’t know about kxstudio but avlinux is 32bit only. Moreover, I find building system from scratch entertaining and educational experiance, I like to know how does stuff works and how it is built. Also I do not like debian packaging system which is mutual for Ubuntu too.