Help With My Midi Controller

Hi, sorry if this is a repost but I did a search on “midi controller” and didn’t turn anything up, so…

We’re trying to use a Midi controller with Renoise. Keys work fine & dandy, pressure sensativity and all. What I’d REALLY like to do, however, is use the sliders and knobs on the Midi keyboard to control the filter cutoff/resonance, sample looping, and so on. These knobs on the Midi controller send a lot of Midi commands that are being recieved just fine by Renoise, but the actual settings on whatever channel I’m in get ignored.

I guess that’s because Midi commands and filter/sample commands are two different things. So I guess what I’m asking is, is there a plug in, or a setting that I’m missing, that will allow me to use these knobs to ‘twiddle’ my sample settings in real time, as opposed to just sending midi commands to an external synthesizer?

Again sorry if this has already been covered, I just can’t seem to find it.

I was wondering if any functions of Renoise like record/start/play octave up/down etc. could be mapped. I’m considering getting either a Korg MicroKontrol or a Novation Remote 49. It would be big dissapointment if I can’t assign any of the internal commands to one of the controllers.

Darn, read the manual (really) and only sliders are assignable…

Well, my midikeyboard have octave up/down built into it. So I don’t need to map that but. its a bit bad that record/play and stop etc are not mappable, because you have to start the recording with your computer keyboard and than use the midikeyboard…

Like keyboard shortcuts it would be really cool to have the same options and assignability for controllers. Instrument select, muting channels etc. That would be awesome…

Anyone know if there are plans for this btw?

RTFM!!! <_<

play / stop / etc. buttons work just fine! You can set renoise as a midi slave. I’ve tested this with my RM1x.

Ehh… :unsure: How will that help you trigger play & stop with a MIDI controller without sequencer?

A decent midicontroller has configurable knobs. Assign them to the standard play / stop / record midiCC’s and you’re done.

But the idea of assigning the trackmutes etc in midiremotemapper would be nice :)

I do it with the ‘’-button now… (backslash on keyboard)

Ok, fair enough. However I don’t own a descent MIDI keyboard. That is, all the knobs are configurable, but the only MIDI buttons it has are preset +/-. I would love to be able to map these and also any note key to whatever function in Renoise, so I support this feature 100%.

Play/stop/record messages aren’t CC’s, which is why they don’t work
in Renoise. There’s no way around this now. But improved remotemapper
is a highly wanted feature for the future, just not for 1.5.

Martinal… maybe I’m too stupid to understand what is really ment:: But I am definately sure that I can control RENOISE with my RM1x: There are going certain messages (if they aren’t CC’s, then they are SYX or whatever), to renoise that triggers the play stop and record buttons. I’m really sure about this, because I have tested it once for taktik.

Yes you can, when Renoise is set to MIDI slave mode.
That also means your device sends timing messages ++
(I don’t remember all the details). It’s a different set of
messages from the MIDI standard, called “realtime messages”.

Short version:

  • You can do that.
  • You can’t do that with only a device sending play/stop messages
    and not setting Renoise in MIDI slave mode.