Help with rendering slices to phrase?

Hi guys,

So I’m fairly new to Renoise and am just starting to get to grips with it. I have a quick question about trying to render slices to a phrase.

So I’ve been following this tutorial -, and at about 3:50 he renders the slices to a phrase. Then when he plays the phrase back, it plays the full sample back, just at different octaves. Now when I do the same it’s just playing the individual slices back to me instead of the full phrase at different pitches.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Take it easy.

There are gaps between the hits? Not sure if I understood your problem. Maybe you would like to upload an example?

It does not play back the “full sample”, it is just a pattern (phrase) generated with each slice being a note, and you can now adjust pitch and speed independently, keeping the original timing where markers where set. It is normal that if you play it back slower than the original that there will be gaps between the hits. Try turning up the bpm to what the bpm of the original loop was - just for a test, better now? You can also adjust the settings in the phrase itself, i.e. raise (double it) the lpb to make just the phrase faster but keep the main song tempo.

are you playing the phrase back using a midi keyboard?

if you are using your computer keyboard then it will play only the slices back. you will either need to use a midi keyboard or you can click on the onscreen keyboard instead to trigger the phrase back.

Interesting, didn’t know that yet, always on with midi keyboard in front of me. This is very suboptimal.

Just looked at it. You can switch to edit or mixer view, to play back the phrase with pitching with the pc keyboard.