Help With Sidechaining Compressivecm

Hello, I am still relatively new to renoise and trackers, and am still trying to figure things out. I recently bought the new issue of Computer Music which comes with a sidechaining compressor VST called CompressiveCM. My question is how do you get these sidechaining capabilities working with renoise or any other VST of this nature to work? Please help, as my head hurts!!! :(

i dont have that compressor unfortunatly.but hopefully someday renoise will have NATIVE sidechaining option

Rondomat has these plugins, you might ask this user for more help:
I found the reference through the bugreports:

Also there is an update with different presets:

You can download compressive here (free of charge and free for personal and commercial use):

Battlecat, I had no issues with the Compressive VST itself. It was rather an issue how the VST affected Renoise: When loading a Renoise track containing Compressive Light, Renoise’ mouse-wheel functionality was broken at all. The only way to fix it, was to open the GUI of Compressive again, and the mouse-wheel was working again until the next load. This has been fixed later on by the developer. I was not using sidechaining up to now. So I cannot help out with that one, sorry. :(

Thanks for your replies about this subject, I’ll keep trying to see if I can work out how to sidechain with this compressor. :blink: Can any one recommend any other VST compressor (preferably free)I can sidechain with, or should I just hold tight cos it might become a native effect very soon in renoise?