ok, i wrote a song last night and came back to it this morning hoping to mix and render it. i’d also thought of a title for it and as my song folder is crowded with “breakbeat idea” files, i thought i’d rename the file using the rename function on the directory panel. having done this, the file disappeared from the directory. so, i went to the song folder where i found the file - however, it was no longer a renoise song file - it was now one of those generic windows jobbies… i tried opening the file with renoise but it comes up with that “unknown song file type” error. :panic:

i then thought of checking the auto-backup folder, but found to my horror that the backup ammounted to all of 2 patterns, cos i kept saving the song manually… iayayay! :eek:

does anyone know a way of making the song file renoise compatible again? please don’t say i’m going to have to start the track again… :(

Go to the song folder with windows explorer and rename file to songname.rns . It disapeared from renoise because you removed the .rns extension and renoise could not recognize it as song file.
Good luck.

whoo! thanks man! that saves me an ungodly amount of time and trouble… :D :D :D

cheers! :yeah: