Helpfile Within Renoise

I opt for a small helpfile window e.g. where diskop, channels, spectrum etc is to show only the commands and keyboard shortcuts as text. Nothing fancy just a quick compact overview. Anyone with me? B)

Sorry, I don’t know what you mean exactly.

Maybe it’s just too early for me. :lol:

Yes, I’m with you. I constantly forget effect commands and keyboard shortcuts. It would be convenient.

It’s a quick reference to all the commands you can use. The window (sits in the same window as diskop for example) contains only bare information on what shortcuts are available and the commands you can use. It will even get me inspiration sometimes just looking at it quickly when opening it. Looking for note cuteoff ending up entering note regtriggers stuff like that :)

Effect commands are explained in the status-bar below (when being typed) and most shortcuts are either displayed as pop-up hint (when hovering above the button or text) or are being shown behind each option in the context-menu.

it’s not like i’m strictly against this, but c’mon - we’re meanwhile running an OS which enables you to have opened multiple “windows” at the same time, unlike MS-DOS where you couldn’t open the help whilst FT2 was running.
i think that’s the reason why triton felt like implementing the help into their little tool.

Wow, didn’t notice that before. Thanks!

Adding effect commands to the right click menu, like Mod Plug, would make it even more easier to find the right command.

And a lot of them aren’t, like mute, editstep, octave etc. Would be nice if all of them would display the shortcut.

Well I know how to open multiple windows and I rather have it not. I also see the command while typing indeed very handy to make sure what you are doing. Maybe I shouldn’t referred to FT2 this way people might think I’m not accepting new ways of working. I just like to work in one screen and not get interrupted/distracted.

Well… I can see the use of this, indeed.

But to me personaly, I don’t think I’d vote for it. I have all the keyboard shortcuts and the effects commands printed on paper. I’m learning those things pretty quickly and I’m needing the papers less and less.

I do think it might be useful, but it has very low priority for me.

Also because it’d take up precious space, that might be used for something else. (a mixer, maybe?)

That would probably be a lot of work to do so. I think that the pattern editor is being set as “one” complete area as you can right-click anywhere to get the same contextmenu popped up.
You don’t get different contextmenu’s for each type of column you hover above and this is probably because the type of field is just a plain text-editor type with a lot of specific limitations.
It’s harder to track a mousepointer’s position than to track a cursor-position as you know which column it goes to as soon as you press that tabkey (or whichever hotkey that is assigned to it personally).

The only way to do this as safe as possible is to give each column it’s own little texteditor area and this really means a lot of work.

When using mouse-coordinates to more or less guess where it is hovering above is either very resource consumptive (and you don’t want that) or very buggy.

(I’ve had similar problems with one of my own tools i created (sidbace))