Helvetikone - Numerical Exercises

Sound wise continuing (or finishing) my last albums works, here’s a new, free small download album in FLAC and MP3 formats at http://www.digital-gadget.de.


Don’t get scared by the “built around numbers” description. This is not algorithmic composing, but was more an idea to get started with songs - somehow. At least it was fun to do so, because I else usually only have done stuff that made itself or where Renoise got me to.

Thanks to MMD who again did the mastering this time, and to dj.yamm for the artworks.

Direct link to the release and downloads: www.digital-gadget.de/#dgf6

Very likely that we will close the doors at www.digital-gadget.de soon, definitely giving up physical vinyl, CD releases soon. Its getting harder every year to sell vinyl - especially for such uncategorizable and undancable stuff. If you like the release, you may want to help us spamming the net about it.

Listening for the second time now, great work, keep up the numbers!

Really nice album! It fits my current mood and of cause I love the sound.
I can hear the use of Cabinet Simulator, so it’s supposedly made with 2.5, right? :D

5pony is a delight to the ears… very beautiful

Congratz on the release! This one is unique and super cool :D I’ve already tweeted and fb’d…

very very good work taktik, realy like it!

also, good work with the mastering, sound is fantastic here :)

no no, taktik is already on version 3.0 :D

these are some really nice songs n sounds. good stuff… :walkman:

nice! sweet rhythmic illusion in the beginning of five (pony)!

two reminds me a bit of bohren & der club of gore.

you mean goattracker, right ? :P

Cheers and thanks ;)

Most of the stuff was made made with the 2.5 alphas. As usual releasing this thing took longer than creating it. And yes, theres a cab here and there.

Must be a rumour. I’m bad at collaborating.

Have to disappoint you. I have to use what you guys use.

and you use it very well :guitar:

taktik, I’m curious to have a listen, but www.digital-gadget.de seems unreachable for me. Is there an alternative place where I can get the album? Soundcloud or Bandcamp?

You have to wait a month and then listen to it in Remixta. ;)

Yes, its also available at soundcloud: Stream helvetikone music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

PS: Critics, thoughts, whatever, bad or good are very welcome. I’m used to this. I managed to get out of all the bug reporting rounds in one piece, so I must have a thick skin. :ph34r:

Been giving this a listen , like it a lot .Favourite track = pony
Just out of curriosity , did you use any hardware synths or vst’s or just samples and renoise dsp’s .

I like Nine (Schreval) + Ten (Razze) a lot, replayed like 9 to 10 times already.

I get a relaxed yet stimulated atmospheric mood from the 5 tunes, like being in an after midnight party up in the mountains having a conversation with a monk about the foggy conditions.

If you have used the alpha’s, you could have abused our scripts to add some speed to the workflow, so you might have had a little advantage there :P

No hardware. I gave up using hardware the time I gave up Logic Audio ;) Its sample based with a few VST instruments, mostly http://www.lesliesanford.com/Cobalt.shtml

True, but theres no scripting magic involved…

Nice darkish music, the first one can sit tight in a horror movie.

That combo was way too cumbersome, fortunately we have Renoise now and thank you very much for that!

I would also like to say that the mastering on this e.p. is really good … a coherent/ fluid