Hemisphere (excerpt)

This time with a video! :D


Totally inspired by mid 70’s Berlin-School ambiance.
Again, all sound is processed, mixed and routed with Renoise (the sequence includes the ‘imfamous’ FBxx method :yeah: ).

From YouTube:

Another track for the forthcoming album “Permafrost”. This is an excerpt of the original file, which is about 13 minutes, and this time with a video I made during the session.

Equipment used (partial):

  • Alesis Micron
  • Apple MacBook Pro (with Renoise)
  • Echo AudioFire 12
  • Evolution UC-16
  • Korg Kaoss Pad
  • Korg MS2000
  • Moog CP-251
  • Moog Little Phatty (Stage Edition) (2X)
  • Moog MF-103
  • Moog MF-104Z
  • Soundcraft Compact 10