Henning & Hans - Flytebrygge

[i]This is the first full length collaboration from Henning & Hans,
and also their first release working within the context of
improvisational music. The working aesthetic, or methodology,
was to use any found sound, whether it be samples, synthesized sound,
binary data or a live input audio stream. All tracks on this album
were created with minimal preparation. The material was gathered
and prepared in a short timespan, usually between 30-45 minutes.
This material was then expanded upon in a live context. A general
structure for the project was never explicitly agreed upon,
but rather it evolved organically as a result of continuously
working with the methodology agreed upon.

This album is not an intellectual or academic exercise,
nor is it created with the intent to be interesting from
an analytical point of view. It aims to create musical spaces
within which the listener can simply reside for as long or short
as he or she likes. The listener can freely direct attention
elsewhere and come back to the music at whim, and is in fact
encouraged to do so.[/i]

This album was made using renoise; using renoise primarily as a sampler/tape-loop - not a sequencer.



Really wonderful album! I’m quite a fan of this kind of music, and also of this improvisational approach to music in general. And when Renoise is involved it’s even closer to my heart. :)

Once again, wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

yeah… this is real good :)

Thank you so much for the kind words. We had a great time creating the music, glad you like it.