Her Majesty's Agent

You know that agent. Enjoy listening! ;)


wasn’t overly impressed with the production quality. the snare coming from the right channel was annoying. i find the stereo image to be quite odd in general but can’t pinpoint exactly what cause im on shitty speakers atm.

still a decent listen overall, although i’d say it didn’t quite fulfill what the intro promised.

“Production quality” - Yes, you are right, my biggest weakness is mixing/“finalizing” things. Still learning… (at least trying :wink: )
“Snare from the right” - ?? Ok… strange… Renoise shows identical amplitudes in the mixer and completely in-one-line falling peaks… I hear 'em on both channels.
“Odd stereo image” - :unsure: …ok, noticed.
“Broken promises” - …that “film score” is about an extremely relaxed agent ;-D ! (Just kidding)

Thx for commenting!


actually double checked it in cans now. the drums generally sound panned quite heavily to the left. i’d make them sit more in the center. would perhaps widen them up using other stereo tricks instead of hard panning. (preferably while keeping lower freq’s mono) definitely a nice tune though, after hearing it again.

also lol @ the extremely relaxed agent ^^

I like the intro. :)