Heres Proof Vsnares Renoises Live

just stumbled over this old video on youtube
heres proof that Vsnares uses renoise live

Quite an old vid… It’s not like it’s really a rumour that Snares uses Renoise… he has an account on this forum, afterall. :)

Enjoyable vid for those who don’t know it yet, though!

October 23rd 2009… not too old. I haven’t seen it.

Yeah and wisp uses fl studio ( serious folks )
Great music ( signed on rephlex records )

It’s been on the net since 2006…

Admit that you didn’t watch the video from the first post :D Yes, ‘Vache’ was 2006 but this is a video where he uses Renoise for live action.

Ouch :D

crawls back in corner

consolation pluses


haha got you

it’s all cdjs lately though.

megalol at this dope from the comments:


was it ever in question that the snaresman uses renoise?

Hadn’t seen that video before and quite cool. Only really using Renoise as a player from what we could see in the video. Mixing with the CDJ and miser’s effects. Did seem to have other bits when setting up though.

Anyone an idea what this one is, doesn’t look like a roland tb303… A modded 303 or an imitator (which one)? Looks cool.
I’ve seen him live, but thought he was “just” dj’ing. Nice vid. :)

custom x0xb0x? or maybe a refitted 303…

Not to be mistaken with the acidlab clones

its a modded 303,im pretty sure hes using renoise live because he wants to control the 303 for his acid songs,its just for midi fairly certain theres nothing else going on there.The superfast breakbeat juggling at the end is trippy!the snare never ceases to amaze me.whats the advantage to not hiding the 0s though?

What I want to know is HOW he uses Renoise live :(

yeah thats a pickle!?never even tot about it…maybe the decks can send out midi???i dunno

sweet. haven’t seen this video before

Yes indeed. The video just shows that he USES Renoise but not WHAT he’s actually DOING with it.
But we don’t need to know everything ;)

Those of us that want to know how to use Renoise in a live setting do :(