Hex Vs. Base 10

I can’t understand why the effects values are in hexadecimal and not base 10. Would this make renoise easier to use?

That magic number in making music is 16, not 10.

16*16 = 256

Etc. A base 16 is much easier to use when it comes to making music because you have to count . Get used to it, it’s not that hard.


EDIT: Also, the maximum number you can put in two places for base ten is 99… but in hex it’s ff which equals 255, so you have a bigger range using less screen space using Hex.

Yup, I see. I’m not a veteren ‘tracker/programmer’ so I’ve never used Hex before. It’s going to take some getting used to! Thanks!

For people such as myself who have been using trackers since the age of 8 (I’m almost 26 now), suddenly switching things to base10 would be quite a big deal (read: a big pain in the arse), hehe.

Using hexadecimal does introduce some slight problems for newcomers to the tracking world, but I think most people get past it quite quickly. And on the plus side, you also learn a new skill (and a new way of thinking) in the process!

However, the power in an application such as Renoise is the sheer flexibility of it. It would be nice to possibly have an option in the future to toggle between Hex and Decimal numbering systems. This has already been mentioned in other posts I think, but who knows if it will ever be implemented. There’s already the option to switch the pattern row numbering between hex and dec, but applying this option to effect commands and stuff would be a huge amount of work for the programmers I think.

Anyway… as I mentioned in your other thread, just stick with it, have some patience, you’ll get the hang of it. :D

Yeah true. I think it can only be a benefit for me to learn Hex. Gonna grind-it-out over the next couple of days. Thanks for your help, man!

i suggest we start using binary! Image the interface :P

Have you heard the joke:

" 1 in 10 people understand binary. The other 1 doesn’t. "

:D :lol:


but i guess you can’t hear the joke… :) you have to read it…

even the frequency between octaves double every octave you go up.
so the base of 10 in music is really not the right one. :)

that and hex is easier.

in 4/4 - 10 hits a measure vs. 16 / 20 vs. 32 / 30 vs. 48


Thanks guys! Phew!!! I’ve been at Hex all day, and it’s s-l-o-w-l-y making sense. But still I just don’t see it as a natural way to count - that’s the problem.

that’s normal, because you’re used to the decimal system.
if humans had only 8 fingers, maybe the base would be 8 and 10 as a base would be just as strange as 16 is to you right now. :)

if you cant learn it, just feel it :P There is no basic need for aquiring hex skills, just know that after 9 comes a, b, c, d, e and f, then comes 10, and just plot till its right in your head :P

lol no hadnt heard that joke :P

I’m digressing here a bit, but how long do you think that Hex will be relevant, when everything is much more visual these days?

Graphics in the front… coding in the back!!!



hex will be around forever.

it’s the logical way to read binary (i.e. one hex number is 4 binary digits) and since binary is how we program computers …

Maybe this can help : http://yves.mary.online.fr/hansi/html/902.htm


yes thats true… fro those who didnt understand its very easy to convert between bin and hex, You dont need to multiply weights and add etc…
you can covert every hex digit separately

so ff (hex) = 1111 1111 (bin) and 10f (hex) = 0001 0000 1111 (bin)

pretty easy…

Everything is “much more visual” because the knowledge level of the average computer user continues on a downward spiral each time a new computer is sold. So I guess you have to please “simple” people with “Nice colors” and “Super-ultra-cool effects”… and place huge colorfull buttons that took more effort in beind painted than the effort put in coding their function…
The world’s not just turning “Visual”… it’s probably just turning “Idiot-proof” :lol:

That’s why everybody wants to turn knobs and press buttons.
Nobody understands hex.
And that’s probably why lots of folks use Reason or FL, because they have them.