Hexa Core Supported?

I’m thinking of upgrading my computer and noticed there are 6 core CPUs available.
My question is: can Renoise handle 6 cores or should I stick to the quad cores?

I don’t think there are many who already using a 6 or more cores cpu.
Theoretically, compilers are geared with the possibility to compile and support to 16 cores.
I don’t know what the limit of Renoise is.

since Renoise relies on dividing audio processing into separate threads and multithreading libraries can tell the algorhythm how many cores are there, I think that there should be no logical limit in the number of cores supported by Renoise.

I’ve seen video of someone demoing Renoise multicore support by running multiple instances of KarmaFX with 16 core Xeon and all the cores were used.

Hyperthreading is not supported yet, I was actually surprised it’s possible for programs to see if they are really running on real core or not.

HT is shit.

2000 called, they want their Pentium 4 back.

I have only seen positive benchmark results with modern HT.

AFAIK it should be transparent to software by default, in other words Renoise seeing 4core cpu as 8core and using it as 8core one, unless it’s intentionally disabled in software, like it currently is.
This should be optional in my opinion.

Another topic gone OT :)

Short answer: Yes.

Renoise supports any number of CPU cores (there’s no upper limit), but won’t used virtual HT cores.

To clarify: the compiler has nothing to do with this and there is no magic upper “compiled” limit.

Ah, great to have that sorted.

Although a hexa core CPU might not be the most cost efficient solution. Besides, my current setup I rarely go beyond 40-45% CPU load @44.1kHz (quad core Q6600) so more processing power is not why I need to upgrade, memory is actually where the trouble starts.
Using jBridge solves memory problems until a 64-bit Renoise version comes along. jBridge is actually working really good, no lag or wierd behaviour of my favourite VSTis.

i have just tested my new 6 core amd phenom 2 system and renoise recognised all 6 cores automaticly in the preferences menu. i’ve put them all to the test loading in 12 instances of the heavy hitter dcam synthsquad from fxpansion (4 amber/4 cypher/4 fusors all different presets) and playing all 12 c-3 notes on 12 separate channels while loading 18 native plugins on the masterchannel. and the cpu meter went till 71 % so perfect :smiley:

then i was curious what would happen if i would select 4 cpu’s in the preferences and boom it went over 100% so it seems to work well !

Not on my Netbook. It lists two CPU’s where there is one with hyperthreading. (Intel Atom N270 / Renoise 2.7b2 / Linux).