Hey devs, any good Visual C++ 4 books

I’m in the (sloooow) progress of programming myself a “sports competition” thingie in VC++ 4.0 (with my own 2-dimensional list heh) and would like to know some books you guys could lead me to.
I already got “Software Training Visual C++ 4” from Easy Computing (stop sniggering at the back).
Any others?

my personal favorites when it comes to C+±books is C++ Primer Plus by Stephen Prata (I have the 3’rd edition of the swedish version), a good book both for beginners and advanced users http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai…=glance&s=books
and C++ The Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup, good language reference book but not a book for beginners http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/020…5919702-1453527

And if you are using Visual Studio, I suggest you get Visualk Studio .NET and MSDN, the instant helpe there is massive…

Thanks for the info, but I have VC++ 4.0 and would like to stick with this, since these things cost a lot of money.
I also have a C++ book, but it’s mostly theory and eternally boring.

Isn’t Visual Studio .NET useless if you’re not going to program anything internet-related?

No, .NET is just microsofts own version of the “.com wave”. They now call everything new .NET, because they think it’s cool. And it’s not. Just confusing. (Which is why they’ve recently renamed some of their upcoming .NET products, since the customers “didn’t understand” the marketing. Don’t remember which.)

No absolutely not! That is one of the mistakes Microsoft did when they named it .NET cause most people associate it with internet but it is a platform for any kind of development, not just web-based stuff. And the C++ environment is sooo much better in Visual Studio.NET than it was in Visual Studio 6, and Visual Studio 4 is even older, didn’t know you still could buy it, it is even hard to get a copy of Visual Studio 6 these days… and btw, you can get a copy of VC++.NET (only the c++ module) for under $100

And oh, on the topic:

The only C++ book I’ve read is Bjarne Stroustrups “The C++ Programming Language”, which is highly recommended. It’s not a book to learn how to program, but a good book to learn the language details of C++ and a good reference book for C++. I also read a nice C book once, before I learned C++, but I don’t remember what it’s called…

Moneysaving tip: go to your local library and see what they’ve got. If they have some ok beginners books, just start out with them. Books written only for beginners are no use once you’ve read and understood them, but reference books are of course always good to have in the bookshelf. Also, there are lots of tutorials for almost anything you want to do on the net. Just google. One example is www.programmersheaven.com. Practice is the best way to learn, you can’t become a good programmer by reading books only.

The C++ book I have is from Stanley B Lippman (Addison-Wesley).
It’s not really for beginners but I understand most of it.

So, is there any good book to start writing audio applications (like eg wave editors or bmp-to-wav convertion programs)?
Another fun and crazy idea I’d write if I could would be to record all mouse X or Y coordinates during a certain period of time (in the background while you’re surfing the net for example) and convert these to music.

Getting original stuff would be so easy! :)
That’s how Aphex Twin does some of his stuff in fact, writing crazy little audio programs.

lol man, i doubt it will sound good, but who knows, you just might hit the jackpot :huh:
Anyway check out fmod and Bass for c++


If you are going to write your own audio-applications you have not much use of these, then you have to write the audio-handler yourself or atleast have the code for it

vheck out for example psycle on sourceforge to get free sourcecode http://sourceforge.net/projects/psycle/

To watch source like can be very educative ;)

But as martinal said, teh only way to became good is to practice. And search thew googles, internet is a HUGE resource.

Btw, are you new to programming? or have you programmed in any other language before? c++ can realy be a pretty hard beginners-language…

I have this program in VC++ I’m working on for inputting sports matches which I’ll use for table tennis, where I input teams and players, then the teams’ results and the player results. Later on I’ll then be able to see eg the results from a certain player over the course of a season. I don’t have too many problems there (although I had to figure out the loading and saving of the data file myself), but going from this to audio programs is a big step imo.

I’d like to see simple stuff like loading a wav file (in a graphic window) and be able to do basic operations on it, then save it.

The internet is a great resource indeed, but a lot of this code is undocumented and I’m very bad at reading code without any documentation.

Is there a step-by-step book for audio applications in VC++ under Windows somewhere?
I already have these on my mind :
-Programming Windows With MFC - Jeff Prosise
-Mfc Programming From The Ground Up - Herbert Schildt
But I doubt they have anything (detailed) about audio in them.

Or will I have to do with bits and pieces from these books along with info from the internet?

PS : nah I’m no beginner, I used to have Modula-2 at school which is C++ like and I was able to solve all hack-levels in Javascript (which is like C++) on one of these hacksites. And proud I was too, as a total JavaScript newbie! :D

I think a “step by step” -way of programming isnn’t realy an optimal way to learn programming, better to encounter a problem, do research in all possible resources (not just one book), find different ways to solve the problem and chose the way that suits you best.
And try, test and practice, try, test and practice ;)

Modula 2 is a modular language while C++ is an object oriented language, so there is indeed very much thing that is different in thouse languages. I’ve used both some Modula 2 and Modula 3 myself and I think thouse are a quiet educative languages and probably good to begin with even if almost noone use them anymore.
Javascript is a script-language and isn’t realy programming at all :D ;)

If you want something abit eaier when it comes to object oriented programming you can take a look at Microsofts new language C#, it is like a hybrid between Java and C++. You can do very much with it and all the hard parts of C++ is “removed” ;)

It’s not that C++ is too difficult, it’s just about finding the right sources for information regarding Windows audio programming.

I’ll check out the 2 MFC books I mentioned earlier when I have the time/money.

I don’t think MFC will help you with audio programming.
You should look into DirectSound, docs and tutorials are available
from microsoft online and in various tutorials on the net.

Thanks, I’ll have a look at these places as well.