Hey! What Is Https://client959.com?

i just yesterday saw all the site updates!
looking very nioce i must say.

i noticed something strange tho, so this is it.
on the themes page of the forum
i’m getting a connection with a certificate from Liquidnet Ltd on the 2nd page of the themes. who dun it!
so i went there: https://client959.com

Yeah I saw that too but I forgot about it. I did not accept it however. Seems very suspicious to me.

It’s coming from the images in Trackah123’s post (which is quoted by atarix here):

The URL for the images:

The images are not displaying so I’m guessing that they’re 404’ing or something, and then it’s trying to redirect back to his webhost’s main page which is triggering the certificate thing for some reason. LiquidNet is a webhosting company, so they probably just have some weird shit setup on their main page. It’s probably nothing to worry about but I personally don’t accept any of these certificates if I didn’t ask for it in the first place.

im sorry i didnt even knew it came from me… because even i was annoyed by that… that website belongs to a friend of mine and yes it was down for a period of time…

i removed all the (xtremesr.com) links from my posts.

again sorry :( . if anyone finds more post please let me know thx