Hi again, some music old and new

Hello everyone :walkman:

I’ve been trying to improve my proficiency in Renoise and in particular get a better understanding of how high/low pass filters can create a wider sound stage. I got some new headphones which have helped a lot. Some tracks are still quite bass heavy, but that’s a stylistic choice.

I’m obviously not a technical wizard like some of the members on here, but I think there might be enough melody or atmosphere in some of these tracks to make them worth a second listen.

This is a selection of tracks which I’ve been working on/off for the last six months.

I love mid-90s electronica and while that’s not what I’m trying to recreate, it’s clearly a big influence on the stuff I make. Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Future Sound of London, Orbital, Underworld - this was the stuff that I spent most of the decade listening to. I love electronic music which evokes emotion.

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