Hi Everyone

Hi everyone, im a new user, just purchased Renoise today and wanted to say hi, i will probably be asking lots of questions :D

Hmm, just tried to download some demo songs and got re-directed to sites with error or 404 messages. :(

Hi and welcome!! <_<

It’s the 2 songs in the IDM section, there .rns downloads took me to error pages, thanks everyone :yeah:

Hey dude… Welcome! Just ask away and you will see that people are very helpfull here and general very nice and well actually it’s the best forum on the net :D Check the Offtopic section also funny stuff in there…

Thanks for the welcome everyone :D

Hey Atomsplitter, congrats with the best buy you’ve ever done!

And welcome to the club :)

thanks :)

Hi and welcome to the club! Couldn’t agree more with Rick - this is the best forum there is. :)

An atomsplitter like yourself shouldn’t be using anything but the most precise in tools. Last I heard, Renoise is in wide use for studying the microcosmos. :)

:D I should probably mention, i make plugins also so i will probably be making some which work well in Renoise at some point :D

please do. both things.

that could be a great section with a little TLC. :)

Front page tip:

Check out the competition songs. They make for excellent learning material. Since all entries were written in RNS format, you can open them in Renoise to see all sorts of tracking styles and expert tricks.

Lower right of: http://www.renoise.com/download.php