Hide clock?

I’m new to Renoise (although I started playing with trackers back in the day on my Commodore 64). I love it. One tiny thing though: Is it possible to hide the clock that’s displayed in the upper right corner?



No, but I’m guessing it maybe could be done with LUA scripting, if it allows overriding of such global elements…

but WHY? :smiley:

Exiting full-screen mode will hide the clock.

No biggie, but the clock is the one thing about Renoise’s GUI that doesn’t make sense to me. Working in fullscreen to me means getting rid of all non-musical distractions… so I don’t care what the time is! Bit like having a counter of unread email up there. But like I said, a very slight annoyance…

oh , i thought you meant the song-clock/timer… i never look at the actual clock, just block it out, put some ducktape on the screen :wink:

Did i understant right? A clock, that shows the actual day time? Never have seen such a clock in Renoise… :blink:


Ah, now i see. It just appears in full screen mode. I think the reason is, that it will be shown in fullscreen because then the Windows task bar and its clock will disappear. But… this little thing is annoying you? This is so small, that i even overlooked it the whole time, since i use Renoise. :smiley:

To me Renoise is the most beautifully designed DAW, both look and feel. The one thing that makes no sense to me (from a design perspective) is the clock. Switching to full screen means I want to immerse myself in music making. Why would I want to see a clock with a blinking colon? Makes no sense. Still the most beautiful DAW. -_-