High Quality Mellotron Samples Xrni

As a contribution to this great community, I made XRNI instruments with the Mellotron samples. The Mellotron was/is an instrument with 3 voices: String Section, Brass, and 8 voice Choir (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mellotron). The string section has a mid and Hi sections, the Brass section a Hi, Low, and Mid sections, and the Choir Hi and Low sections.
I made 7 XRNI, with the help of Moophy´s TomatE, maybe, in some time, I can make only one xrni with all the samples.



Capitan Mission

Thanks for the samples!

Great job! :)

But I find G#2 and A-2 in StringSection-mid sounding a bit… muffled… compared to the other notes. Don’t know if it sounds like that IRL or not tho.

I’m going to create a drone instrument when i get a chance using casper electronics drone lab. how many samples do i need to record? an octave starting from c-4? 2 octaves?

Im happy you like it!

Robbie S: These samples were recorded in that way, with errors.

Its working ok the Brass-lo xrni???

oootini: I dont know about casper electronic lab, but use many samples as you like. (C2-B2, C4-B5, etc.)

These are great! Thanks so much for sharing.

Perhaps a nice contribution for http://www.loopproject.com ?


thanks for the instrument!

Absolutely!!! I never upload anything to loopproject, but it is in my plans :yeah:

These are most excellent! Thanks a bunch!


Hi, I was trying to upload the instruments into loopproject. The first time I spend 2 hours uploading a 210 mb RAR with all the instruments, my fault, only xrni or loops allowed. Then I tried with only one xrni and it doesn’t appears in my control panel. Im doing something wrong?

If you click on the file-manager, there you can upload the file.
Once uploaded, it should also appear in the list of the filemanager (you should also be able to delete it). If it doesn’t appear in the filemanager after upload, there might be an upload limit perhaps, though it is not mentioned if there is an upload limit per file.
If you pm Mick rippon, he can tell you more about it than me.

Thanks, it must be something with the upload limit.

Its working ok the Brass-lo xrni???

thanks a bunch for these samples ;)

  • anko

Great! Thanks for sharing :)

You’re welcome!

thnx man ! Great suff :yeah:

Would really like to check it, but get errors from that page all of the time. Can anyone upload that to a working hoster?

really? I never get errors from RS. Maybe with a download helper like Jdownloader???