Highlight Line Selected In Automation In Pattern

What topic says.

Currently active line in pattern editor can be seen as bigger white line in automation editor. Would be really helpful to see active line in automation editor in pattern editor.

If active line is between ticks then just show it as pixel or two thick line between ticks in pattern editor.

What do you mean Active Line in Automation? There is only one Current Line and it is the same in both and can already been seen in both as far I as know.

Active line/selection area. The place you have last clicked in automation editor, which is indicated by vertical line.

If you turn off pattern follow mode, you can highlight the last played line in the automation window by hitting enter on the line (that spot shows a green line when you move away from it)

What you’re talking about it Current Selection in Automation. A line is just you only have a single point selected.

Having selected area visible between the two could work if done in a way it isn’t too confusing on the eye.

I know.
I often use it to make sure automation points are hitting correct place, which is exactly where I got this idea.