Highlight Newly Added Vst/i's ?

having folders inside the vst/i listing might be a lot of work, but how about highlighting/marking newly added vst/i’s ? would that be much work ? don’t really need it, but you know, one of those ‘would be handy’ things.

just wanted to know if this is on the to-do list ? thx

You mean like when you do a ‘fast scan’ in Fl Studio and the newly installed vst(i) show up highlighted in red? This is handy when you have +1000 vst(i) installed so you can easily find the new addition, but maybe instead of adding this feature, the obsessive vst(i) collecting should be adressed :wink:

+1 from this obsessive collector tho

so that’s a ‘no’ then ?

Dont need this.

I rather have a larger selection window for the dsp/vsts + small enhancements like;

have the selection arrow change (maybe in a small hourglass like when loading a song) when you select a vst. Now I sometimes click, and nothing happens in the chain. Apparently I didn’t double click right. There is no visual aid to see if you’ve correctly clicked, other then waiting for the vst to appear in the chain. This small irritation is only apparent when trying to add ‘cpu heavy’ vst’s that take a while to instantiate.

Also things like ‘non destructive’ renaming of dsp/vst’s are higher on my wanted list then highlighting of newly added plugs.