Hip Hop Anyone?

DJ Mass ft. Royal Flush & Rescue - Pop The Clutch (Kcirr3d Remix)

Yes, my interpretation of Hip Hop. I am entering a dutch beatcontest at ml75.nl with this song. Check out the other contesters. Some great productions here.

If only they play this type of hip-hop over in the USA. No good beats over here. At least for the most part. There’s a lot of nice texturing in this jawn. The stops and start are at the right places. It’s very pleasing to my ears. I’ll be sure to check out that site.

oh too bad for you… in Holland our hiphop scene is all about finding the most exciting beats. Good producers worshipped as much as the rappers themselves here.

Dj Mass ft. Royal Flush & Rescue – Pop The Clutch ML75 Remix CD
112MB Winrar archive

If by “here” you mean the U.S., then sure there are! They’re just not on the radio!

My favorites producers are ANT (of Atmosphere), RJD2 (makes his own instrumental albums and also does beats for Blueprint…together they’re called Soul Position), DJ Numark and Cut Chemist of Jurassic5, Hi-Tek, and MadLib among others.

You just have to scrape away the topmost layer of soil and go slightly underground, that’s all. :slight_smile:

Kcirr3d, you know what I think of the track from my review on CTG. Great stuff!