Hip-hop Beatbattle


This is our chance to show what Renoise is good for among (the Norwegian) Hip-hop community!

The Thread has just started

There will be a “beatbattle-liga”, which means, there will be 6 beatbattles during the year, all of which will include voting.

First one is 12th of January.

More info on the already mentioned link.



hummmmmm no info be4 registering on that site ??

Ouch, sorry…


Forgot about that…

Anyway, after you register (if you do that is)

Check under…

*Beats, Låter, Hardware / Software
*Beatmakere / Produsenter / Crate Diggere
Then choose…
*Beatbattleliga 2004 Info

Sorry, didnt mean for it to be this complicated :blink:

i wish that site was in english :(