Hip Hop

Because it’s friday night and I’m killing time.
Also, everyone likes hip hop.

Who are you guys into?
Myself? I am into the usual backpacker jazz about robots and space.

Hieroglyphics, Del, Doom, Kool Keith, Spank Rock, Passage, Jedi Mind Tricks’ first album, and J5.


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Dr.Dre, Geto Boys, Young MC, NWA, Cube… and last but not least: NWH!

ah nice HipHop.

MF Doom
Sage francis
Immortal Technique
Kayne West
Soul Position
Qwel & Maker
Dizzee Rascal
Kurtis Mantronik
Dan le Sac vs Scroobius pip
Gym class Heroes
Danger mouse
Cannibal ox
Busta Rhymes
Beasty Boys
Snoop doggy dogg
Saul Williams
Roots Manuva
The Roots
Robust and Prolyphic

Dutch HipHop:

Duvel duvel
Huilende Rappers (noisia)
Osdorp Posse

Hudson Mohawke
Flying Lotus

best instrumental hip-hop today.

Del the Funk Homosapien is great, deltron303, i like the roots, jurassic 5, still waiting for chali 2na’s fish outta water album, dj krush gets some cool mc’s even if some of them rap in japanese and i don’t understand anything, I like what megahealth has been doing with the german hip-hop, mos def, rjd2, dj cam

Niggy Tardust of course

Ah yes, Deltron 3030 … “Deltron 3030”-album rocks socks off

When I say Niggy, you say nothing.

Do you know? I just can’t really get into flying lotus, seems like I should really dig him, but I just don’t.

Hah, rad.
I didn’t know he was known much outside the uk, but yeah he’s fun.

I really like seeing people’s lists.

Food For Animals

Notorious BIG
early Wu-Tang Clan
Beastie Boys

only earlier stuff from the beginning 90s.
wtang (36chambers), odb, methodman (tical), the pharcyde, cypress Hill, NWA, Public enemy and so on and on and on :D

will smith

Huilende Rappers, Flinke Namen, Opgezwolle and my own leettle MC
project Broekhoest & De Pineut.

I mostly prefer lyrics in my own language (because I’m a Dutch linguistic
purist) and lyrics are often the only reason I listen to hipperdeehop.

Check out the Herbaliser

Good shizz


overrated commercial mumbojumbo! :)


Dizzee rascal got shit real quick after the first album

lolz on your new picture bytesmasher


…Commercial? Mumbo Jumbo? pfff! Maybe thats because your listening to the commercial mumbo jumbos out there…don’t be so silly.

Saul Williams is far from commercial hiphop… he’s about as non-typical hiphop as you can get