Hiphop "oldskool Vinyl Sounding Strings" ?

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but anyway here goes…

Here’s a question for all you hiphop heads out there that simply blows my mind.
I’ve tried various filters and other effects to get that “oldskool vinyl” effect on strings.

You know the kind I mean, they sound really aged, like they were sampled from a 1940’s vinyl, or film score… yet they’re not!
How do you go about creating the effects to make modern day strings sound aged. Obviously I know how to layer some scratchy vinyl effects on top of my strings, but how do you go about making them sound really aged?

Feedback appreciated.

what I would do : go to the city, buy some cheap-ass second-hand classics-vinyl (dvorak, bruch, some mahler maybe … don’t pick elgar, he has been sampled to death), pop them on your turntable and sample …

If you can’t do that I think it has something to do with the “belly”, old strings-recordings used to have alot of low mids and few highs while modern strings are normally eq-ed to sound rather “silky”, lots of highs. problem is you can’t get it back if it’s gone, maybe add some other other sound under it, with low volume and one that not really has it’s own character, just adds those low mids. or try around with low-level white noise and eq that.

you could always just use a mellotron? google “tweakbench tapeworm” for a good mellotron vsti [free]

Big Tick Cheese Machine
Izotope Vinyl

… Both free ;)

Here is what I had sent to looza many years ago as a try to create lofi sound with given modern samples. Consider just the first pattern. Turn on the stereo expander on the sendtrack to lower the stereo image if you feel like that. However - it’s just the way I would make that (as a non-VST-butthead). Certainly there are ways that work better for you.