People say Hitlantis is like Spotify - but for indie bands and artists.

In a nutshell:

Hitlantis is a site where you can upload your music and where you can listen to others’ music. It costs you 5 eur per month to upload your music there, then you can let others download your music for free or for a small fee per song. If your fans pay for your music, you gain some sorta momentum and move up the whole Hitlantis circle, thus supposedly getting more listens and moar monneh.

How this is failing at the moment:

You can’t make your own playlists. The whole idea of a music circle is fun, but most certainly not that userfriendly if you ask me. The way the music is spread in different colors (color indicates genre) is pretty gay. But the site has only just launched, so time will tell what will happen.

I guess it’s available worldwide already.

Is there a site which lists all these musician-spam sites, pro/cons?

New kinds of promotion sites come up frequently and die a year later.

Actually this one might set off, mostly because registering isn’t free. But if they don’t make the actual listening experience a whole lot easier for the bulky consumer, this site won’t last.

Compared to e.g. Spotify, which is basically free of charges if wanted (and invited) and according to some recent study way less than 10% of british Spotify users are using the premium account.