HitoriTori style multiple renoise screens

Hello everyone,

I just came across with hitoritori videos on youtube…


And I have realized that he can control more than one renoise songs at the same time with livid midi controller.

My question is that how can I open several renoise songs at the same time?

When I try to open a second song over the first one, the renoise opens the one that I want to open and closes the previous one…!!!


If you’re on a mac, I think you have to make a copy of the Renoise app and give it a unique name.

Once you do that you can MIDI sync them together, but you’ll have to set up a MIDI device using the IAC Driver in the “Audio MIDI Setup” app. https://sites.google.com/site/mfalab/mac-stuff/how-to-use-the-iac-driver

On pc, windows vista, I open up a first instance of renoise, than a second one by holding control while clicking the desktop icon.

No need to install 2 times and have different named icons.