Hitting enter too fast stops the scrolling...

Since there’s no way to make Step Length affect how the enter key (play current line or whatever the correct name of the option is called) works, I’m used to using two fingers to hit the enter key fast enough to be able to make it a usable way to hear what’s going on in the song to know, by ear, what I need to edit. The version I’m using, 2.8.1, pretty much stops scrolling when I hit the enter key too fast. Why does it work fine when I HOLD the enter key for a key repeat, but it acts all bogged down when I hit the enter key manually too fast? What’s a workaround for this?


How is your GUI refresh rate/update frequency in the preferences?
It might be that you are tapping the enter key above that amount of refreshes…

Thanks, but it’s at 60. I’m 100% sure that I’m not hitting keys at an impossible rate of 60fps.

I wish there were more options in Renoise that reflect the fact that some people write by ear and base their timings off when they add notes based off what they hear. I really sometimes wonder whether the house/trance/techno musicians are what pretty much rule what goes into future versions of Renoise, where notes and chords and timings of the song itself aren’t nearly as important as the effects and production. I know my music could very often have better production values, there’s no doubt about that, but I simply don’t write music that’s almost solely based on effects and production–to me, those things are what get added after a song is actually written.

I’ve just been trying this in 2.8.1 also. I tried your two-fingered technique, and I also tried just muscle-spasm-spamming a single index finger. In both cases, I can comfortably manage a sustained tempo of around 160 BPM or so. At no time did I encounter any problem where Renoise somehow locked up or stopped scrolling. In my experience, as long as I can maintain the somewhat clumsy and awkward action of continually spamming the Enter key, Renoise will happily respond to it.

Also running at 60 fps here. Tried a bunch of different settings from 5 fps to 100 fps, but did not see any obvious difference. Tried toggling the other graphical options, no difference there. Tried playing with my key repeat settings, no difference there, either.

Finally, I started playing around with audio settings and encountered some potential weirdness there. The higher I set my latency, the stranger things become. When it gets up to 200-250ms or higher, then it’s really obvious. Spamming Enter at such high latencies results in many of the played pattern lines being repeated/retriggered, which definitely sounds weird as hell. Such high latencies are practically useless overall anyway, so I’m actually not surprised by any weird behaviour there. Does this sound like what you’re experiencing?

If not, then it could potentially be an issue with your actual keyboard? Maybe it suffers from some kind of internal buffer overload when spamming a single key so rapidly? Seems unlikely, but you never know. Could be worth testing with an alternate keyboard, if you have one available? I’m just using a cheap Logitech USB keyboard myself, but I’ve also tested it with my laptop keyboard and didn’t encounter any issues there.

Definitely an odd situation, though. I don’t believe there’s any technical reason why Renoise should suddenly freak out because you’re hitting Enter too fast. I would certainly expect the software to respond faster than you could even possibly hit that key yourself naturally.

Hmm… what OS are you using? I’m using Renoise on XP, I was never willing to switch to 7 or 8 with Renoise because supposedly one has to hit the caps lock key twice to get it to do a single note-off command, and that would be totally unacceptable for music writing, so I’ve stuck with XP… Have they actually fixed Renoise so it doesn’t have that problem in 7 or 8?

Oh yeah, and I have the latency set for 4ms in my Firepod FP10 settings, sometimes I have it set for 2ms.

This was mainly an issue with laptops, i never experienced this kind of behavior on my desktop computer with Windows 7.

Win 8, but I also gave it a quick test on my Win 7 laptop.

It’s been fixed by way of an option you can toggle in the preferences. I can report that it works flawlessly.

Ok, well that’s good to know. Unfortunately a lot of keygens for instruments I use (yes, I have some really old pirated instruments) don’t work in 7, but at least I know it’s an option.

Oh lord, why didn’t I know this? Been living with and annoyed by this behaviour for years. Thank you for the information!

A is the new CAP LOCKS.