HNull - Winter's Catharsis

Hi lovely Renoise community,

I have been using Renoise for the past 12 years, started to use it when I got into electronic music (Venetian Snares… of course. :wink: ), was instantly hooked and have been using it as my sole DAW ever since.
Love it for its freedom - I still find it very inspiring to work with.

I released my first album a little bit over 2 years ago but never shared it here. I have always been a little bit (too) shy when it came to showing my stuff to other people.

Anyway, the LP is available on bandcamp and soundcloud.

Here is my (probably) favourite tune of the release.

Thank you for listening, have a good one and try to stay sane in times like these.



Welcome friend and dont be shy, music is meant to be heard. That- Pidgeon Shat On My Sunday Brunch really caught me off guard .At first i thought it was a jazzy music piece and then all hell broke loose incredible!!!I like them tracks that start like something and then evolve to something else