Hold Down Modifiers

This is really pissing me off now,what does it mean hold down modifiers :angry: it takes a couple of minutes to move a sample.How do i stop this??i tried holding down control and its still the same :panic:

What exactly are you talking about?

To move a sample to/from where exactly?

…do you want to move multiple samples at the same time in the instrument settings, sample list? Can’t check right now, but maybe you need to bring focus to that area first, middle mouse click, then hold ctrl while selecting with the mouse?

just moving samples around in the sample list?singular samples

That doesnt seem to work.

you’re right, it doesn’t seem possible(?). Never felt the reason to rearrange more then 1 sample in a multi-instrument so haven’t come across this before.

no no forget multi sample instrument,the sample list on the right hand side of the pattern editor,just moving a sample from instrument slot 01 to 02 takes a very long time if u have a lot of instruments

ah ok, that is the instrument list, works fine here, maybe a cpu thing? Some delay sure, but that is to be expected no, when dealing with a lot of sounds? How long do you have to wait?

Multi-dragging more then one instrument doesn’t work unfortunately. Same for selecting a bunch of sampled instruments there and pressing the autoseek button for example.

Whenever you rearrange the instrument list, Renoise has to look through every single track and pattern to find out where the instrument is used, then it has to rewrite all the pattern data, fire off a crapload of Lua notifiers if any tool is listening for those changes, not to mention also creating an undo buffer that contains everything if you decide to hit undo afterwards.

So the time it takes to move an instrument is based on several factors:

  • The number of instruments you have in the song.
  • The number of tracks and patterns you have in the song, and how often the instrument is used in them.
  • The new slot you move the instrument to, and how the other instruments before/after that slot will also be affected by the above factors.
  • Probably some others that I’m forgetting right now.

For example, let’s say I have the following song:

  • 200 patterns
  • Instrument A is used in all 200 patterns, on several tracks, and on many pattern lines (let’s say it’s a multi-sample drum kit).
  • Instrument B is used in 10 patterns.
  • Instrument C is used in 1 pattern.

Swapping Instruments B and C will be pretty quick, because they are not used very often in the song, and because swapping them does not affect the more complex Instrument A.

Swapping Instruments A and B (or A and C) will take a lot longer to complete, because Instrument A is used very heavily throughout the song.

Inserting a new instrument at the end of the list will be quick, because nothing else in the song needs to be changed for this.

Inserting a new instrument before Instrument A would take a long time, because now the entire list (A, B and C) has to be moved down one slot.


In conclusion; the more complex an operation is, the longer it will take to complete. There’s not really much we can do to avoid this fact at the moment, unfortunately.

:( k thanks

If it really takes minutes, you might want to disable/enable some scripts?

will that help??is there certain scripts i should be aware of?