Hold mode in Renoise 3.1 ?

I really miss the “hold mode” that’s been removed in Renoise 3.1. Why was it removed ? Is there some way to do the same thing in another way, like a MIDI plugin ?

I used it to play layers of loops live. It was very convenient to launch a loop with a keypress, then do some other stuff without having to hold the key myself.

Using a sustain pedal doesn’t cut it for me, because I can’t play a “holded” instrument and a normal one at the same time, or turn off a loop without turning off the other ones.

How would you do to achieve this in Renoise 3.1 ?

Renoise 3.1 is great release, and I’m looking forward to using it more, but for now I have to stick to 3.0 for my live projects, until I have a fix for this…

while hitting a key (like Z) to play a sample, I hold left shift, release the Z key and then release left shift…the sample continues playing, loops or not depending on settings…I can play other instruments or the same one on top…there are a few things I can do that stop the playback, but I’m not at the computer right now…

I love this feature and use it constantly

Thanks, I didn’t know about this feature, it really works the same way that “hold mode” did ! To stop the playback you just press the same key again, it does the same as a note-off.

It will take some time to get used to it but I think it solves my problem, thanks again !

Uff, feature removed sounds sad for those using them.

There was also feature added. Midi processing vst plugins. Maybe you can chain some note-toggle plugin before your instruments? Will clutter instrument list - but better than nothing. One I have never tested or so, but this sounds like it does… “pizmidi” - “midiNoteToggle”, but there are probably lots of other similliar or even custom-tweakable solutions in case this one won’t work out for you.

The hold mode was replaced with the midi sustain state.

Someone could write a simple tool that would just act like a hold button by sending a midi sustain to that instrument with the renoise OSC server.

I have tried to use pure data to send OSC “renoise/trigger/midi” messages, but I can’t get any instrument into sustain mode. In the MIDI monitoring panels, I see my MIDI messages in the “MIDI Through port 1” output device and they have the right CC values, but they never show up in the input panel, even when I select the “Renoise OSC Device”. Shouldn’t the MIDI messages triggered via OSC appear in the input device section ?

I know I could do it by sending directly CC messages to Renoise, but it would be nice to do it via OSC, since it could be used to build a tool :slight_smile:

@OopslFly : I tried this plugin and it works fine, but you can’t put a MIDI plugin on what you play with the computer keyboard… Or is there a way to do it ?

I played a bit more with the sustain feature using a pd patch to send the sustain message, but really it’s not the same as the old “hold mode”. You can’t sustain notes played with the keyboard, and there is no way to stop a sustained note without stopping them all.

I guess I’ll have to do with centipus’ trick. Thanks for all your help and ideas !

…and maybe a nice Renoise developper will think about bringing this feature back ? :slight_smile: Even if it’s just available through the api, I would build the tool myself !