Holy Freaking Talent Batman!


plus i think im in love :ph34r:



Awaiting dnb remix of this song…

her hair looks a bit dirty

More often than not, our version of ‘talent’ receives little justice:


That’s intense! Non jamaican ragga-soul-funk-girl and it does not even sound ubercheesy.
Looks like, I need to look up more about her. I like that stuff. :)

Very impressive indeed!
but isn’t she a bit to young for you? :P

rad rad.

Shad! is also pretty awesome.
He’s not as sexy, but still playing one rhythm and rapping another is real cool.

Not really my type…

I like girls with a lot of toys…

like HER


Nice vid charly, standard but lovely loop performance. I quite like Imogen Heap’s voice: she did some lovely vocals for Jon Hopkin’s Contact Note album.

what? are you deaf?

that was, in my humble opinion of course, wank.


yeah she speaks duth so syhe must be beñlgian or dutch …

from you tube
Selah (haar echte naam is Sanne) zit bij mij in de klas, en waar ze voornamelijk complimenten voor verdient zijn twee dingen: Afwijzen van een contract van Universal om haar eigen muziek te kunnen blijven maken. 2: de geweldige bescheidenheid en spontaniteit waarover ze beschikt. Die kwaliteiten vind je zelden bij een zangeres van dit niveau! Ga zo door Sanne!

From a guy who’s in her classroom

Ill translate this …she refused a major contract from universal just to keep her freedom as an artist …thumbs up

Stupid… :eek:

Vice versa :drummer:

She was visiting Dutch radio this morning… Did an own song and covered “Valery” from the Zutons (2006) It sounded pretty swell.
A pity the audio stream does not work anylonger.

I bet “artistic freedom” is just a nice way of saying that the terms of the contract offer sucked. I know way too many people that would read any major contract as “You’re going to give me money, no way!” and not “What do you mean, you can reject everything I send you and you’re not under any obligation to release?”

I went the same school as Imogen.
This girl unfortunately falls into the Amy Whinehouse bracket (which is pretty big) a little too conventional,bar the jamaican talking and unfortunately, that’s her only standout. “white girl raps jamaican”…PFFF

As long as she’s 18 it’s all fair game, and according to the video she’s 19. Go for it MLoN

I’ll agree, impressive video. But she didn’t use that many toys, it looked like she only used a looping sampler in that video. Still impressive what she did. :o

True … but she does have them :P

I also don’t use a lot of toys but they just look so damn cool in my studio :dribble:

that is so diiiiirty :smashed: