Hi guys,

I’ve done another tune. I hope you all gimme your honest opinions. I’m tryna learn how to do renoise proper good and need all the criticism I can get, as I tend to get lazy otherwise.

I’m not sure on the genre of this one. It guess its mostly influenced by moombahton, dubstep & a bit of UK garage.


Thanks to all who listen!

Not bad at all !

i like the sound of the distorted Guitar you use

One thing for me to avoid is the building structure starting with just plain rhythm… maybe is just me but in my tracks i’m really trying not to show the elements one at the time building the song - it sounds like some lazyness in production - think about giving every part of the composition his flavour ( maybe add something here and some there)

Try an intro that is not strictly related to the main part and let the main part start with more complexity showing more elements at once immediately

Keep the listener attention high and the production lazyness as low as possible

Hey these are just free thoughts , don’t take it too seriously

I always remind this to myself but most of the time i fail dramatically… :slight_smile:

Thanks man. Thats exactly the kind of feedback I need. I’m always trying to figure out ways avoid that ‘brick by brick’ composition style which is such an easy option in Renoise… it’s a rut I get stuck in repeatedly!