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Computers really are getting smaller!

ARM based, which is something in the range of Windows Mobile / Pocket PC.
Though 1.2Ghz is a reasonable speed CPU if you only intent to run web- and ftp daemons on it…

They say performance can be boosted to 2GHz and memory is 512MB. The flash storage seems small below 1GB but it has potential. Could make a superb personal web server indeed. I could use one now.

I’m curious - once more ARM “netbooks” will show will we see ARM port of Renoise? :)

What do you expect for £63? A quantum-computing Cray-beater in a plug-sized package?

I don’t even know how you would monitor it to be honest. Only read that article and not gone to the manufacturers website but it only mentions Ethernet and USB connections so not sure how you would configure anything. (Well had a quick look now and seems this is the recommended site for information/help http://www.plugcomputer.org/ )

Unfortunately I don’t think it will quite cope with Renoise ;)

Also nobody quite knows how modern RISC type computing come against CISC since Apple started also using CISC processors.

Never. Renoise is not targeted to slow-computing devices. Milkytracker is your best friend regarding this matter.
Renoise works on netbooks but even there, performance-issues exist.

That’s for now but should we make assumption that ARM architecture based processors will stay still? Cortex A9 is both superscalar and multiprocessor capable. Eventually ARMs will make way into more powerful appliances. As Intel is going “lower” with Atom then ARM will not have a choice but go “higher” to stay competitive.

“Never say never” are famous words used in one of the Bond movies…
I still need to see the direction and market ARM aims at.
I think that they have a very great potential for the industrial market and take over PLC tasks and those kind of things. They probably already have the biggest share in MP3 and MP4 video players.
This is their region.
Intel reached boundaries that aren’t crossed that spectacularly anylonger. They still break records, but when you can’t go higher: go wider which is what they do now.

I think the iphone uses an ARM processor @ like 620Mhz.

Mobile version of Renoise. Samples and internal effects only. Limited to 16 tracks and 4 sends.

Could make a good little scrachpad and possibly be got to work on almost anything ;)