Homewrecker - Warning:not For Use In Tub


Here is a song I did a little while ago under the moniker of HOMEWRECKER entitled
WARNING: not for use in tub.

The XRNS version can be downloaded here…

…and the MP3 can be heard/downloaded here:

Feel free to drop comments and whatnot, there will be more coming in the future (a LOT more).


I dig the randomness and the way you played with the short patterns, entertaining to watch in renoise. :)

Not such a big fan of the way you overused the voice samples tho, some variation in that area would be nice. But heck, the last half was a hoot!

i like your structure’s, sounds i didn’t like so much. keep m coming tho

Thank you for the feedback.

I know what you mean about the vocal samples, and it is like that because this project was born out of a love for underground hardcore techno as I was coming up in high school and whatnot. It’s a very childish, selfish, abrasive, over-indulgent project that didn’t care if it were annoying anybody (much like a rambunctious hyperactive 4 year old). Newer material will feature less vocal sample cut-ups primarily for the fact that most of them are from copyritten movies and such.

Soon I will have other tracks hosted up somewhere. I’ll post more examples ASAP.

This rocks. The overused vocal samples was so typical back then.

This brought back memories. Very cool. I could tell it was intentional. Knowing that you went for that crazy ass old school hardcore sound it all fits nicely.

I have some stuff that I could share you would probably like from years ago :P

This is hardcore/gabber business. It cannot be judged like other music unless someone just doesn’t appreciate the genre when naturally someone will not like it.


Thanks for the great feedback. I don’t talk to too many people nowadays who were into hardcore techno as much as I was back those days, not to mention anyone who still cares now. Most of my friends who know this project are just entertained by it because it’s silly and over the top.

I have another one I just put up on hosting that I can share, an old one as well. This time there are less vocal samples but the title of the song makes the track play out like an auditory story. It can be told in the dynamics and intensity of the parts.

Homewrecker - Death As Result Of Cocaine Overdose

Hope you enjoy :panic: