Horizontal Pattern Sequencer.

I am sure you have discussed this already, but how about a horizontal pattern sequencer, vs the vertical pattern sequencer, or as an option?

Peace Be With You.

Real men do everything vertically. Eat vertically… sleep vertically… screw vertically… you get the idea.


If the automation lane ran up to down vertically, like situated next to the adv edit, that could possibly make things a bit less confusing for newer users.

And, that could let use see it as much as we want, while working in the dsp lane.

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I would like vertical automation editor, the same length as pattern and with more granularity than 1 point per row! +5000

i dunno man, ill just see myself turning my head side ways and getting serious neck strains… i think automation is just a concept which won’t work vertically… (you have the pattern effect commands obviously, but thats sorted so we won’t bring it up…)

unless you want all trackers to have neck problems i wouldn’t go for it…

and boo to horizontal pattern editor… wtf… ITS A TRACKER!

ModPlug had a horizontal pattern sequencer. I was rather happy with it, and must say it took me a while to adjust to Renoise’s vertical one.

I’ll definitely welcome such an option, as I still prefer having this horizontal. But I guess most people around here will hate it.


IMHO there’s genuine reasons for a horizontal mode - but it would probably be a completely different experience…More like your standard DAW timeline. It could be very useful if we ever wanted a more comprehensive recording mode - where every track solo/mute, parameter change etc. was recorded into a continuous stream (a “take”).

Right-click on the pattern matrix + zoom button until the blocks get wider than tall (or left click on the - unzoom button to make them smaller than wide) and there you have at least one horizontal scrolling option.

I’m gonna have to do some copy & pastin to show how awesome this would look. :)

it would be radically different though, wouldn’t it? unless the text would be turned 90 degrees as well.

you can turn lanes with those colorful “note stems” 90 degrees without changing much of the basic workings but text is kind of supposed to read at a certain angle.

i might misunderstand what you are after though.


Okay if we turn the automation lane, look how beautiful that would be!
It makes sense, because it is much easier to manipulate a point left & right than up and down, and it would match the dsp lane parameters.
The little dealies on the side that should not go sideways like the point value and curves, could be placed above or below the automation, in that scroller area to make it more concise

Straight up LCARS. :)

I did forget about the selection of the automation.
Possibly use the devices themselves in the track dsp to select the automation. :?

track 1 (lead) : c-4 05 -- 940 | --- -- -- --- | f-4 05 60 960 | --- -- -- ---   
track 2.(BD) : c-4 07 -- --- | --- -- -- --- | --- -- -- --- | --- -- -- ---   
track 2.(Hihat): --- -- -- --- | c-4 09 -- --- | --- -- -- --- | c-4 09 -- ---  

questions on when and why to use it aside, this might actually be quite simple? everything would behave like it would vertically (when you have editstep 4, you jump four positions to the right instead of down for example), the only really new thing that would be needed is a horizontal version of the track headers (which show track name, mute/add note col/fx col buttons etc.)…

I can’t see me using this while composing really, but I wouldn’t mind it for playback haha… but maybe it could actually be helpful for some mad scientist projects with 5 billion tracks? :huh:

Yeah, but I’d rather have the ability to display any number of automation curves right next to the tracks they’re applying to - not just one, but as many as you want. It would have to be smart and offer lots of options to show/hide parameters for current/all tracks etc. so you don’t get lost… but that seems doable… and it would rule so much :w00t:

Hmm, having a tracks automation lane right next to each track, would look so Heavenly!
I’m not sure how all of them could be displayed, but having each track it’s own view of a parameter lane would look so good!

Just now I get curious how a whole tracks set of automation lanes would look in a fashion similar to how the mixer is, then we could see the dsp lane and all of the automation lanes above it.

Something about this vertical automation lane felt really wrong. Yes, it looks cool, but I cannot imagine myself working with this. The higher value one point has the more right it positions??? :S That’s soooooo wrong :(

Why not use a horizontal pattern sequencer instead of Renoise? Why choose Renoise if you want a horizontal sequencer? ???

Why should we change it just for you?

As Byte-Smasher so eloquently said-“Real men do everything vertically. Eat vertically… sleep vertically… screw vertically… you get the idea.”

Who knows though, as its up to the majority…it may have uses as an option as some ppl have discussed already…its the audacity of the question that gets me.

But if patterns have different set of columns?

track 1 (lead) : c-4 05 – 9400 ---- | — – -- ---- ---- | f-4 05 60 9600 ---- | — – -- ---- ----
track 2.(BD) : c-4 07 | — – | — – | — –
track 2.(Hihat): — – -- ---- | c-4 09 – ---- | — – -- ---- | c-4 09 – ----

Cool thought though, but does not seem practical at all. All rows in a row :D