Horizontal Scrolling With Latest Mouses...

i bought mouse genius ergo 525 which has nice, 2D scrolling feature. it means
you can roll vertically and also horizontally. would be fine if renoise supported horizontal
scrolling which would fasten my work in patterns (instead of tabbing and shift tabbing
i could just ‘click’). nowadays it’s not the only mouse which has feature like this so
maybe in the future it will become ‘standart’ or something.

or is there a way to assing this action somehow?

thanks for answer in advance.

My mouse has this horizontal scrolling too but it’s actually not available by default. It only works when you use Logitech’s own drivers instead of the default Windows drivers which I prefer to use (less clutter in the systray, less resources being used, and I don’t need all the extra stuff anyway).

I’m not 100% sure but I don’t even think there’s a standard mouse event in Windows which Renoise could hook into for this functionality. You of course have left button, right button, scrollwheel up/down, etc., but I do not believe a scrollwheel left/right event exists yet. I’ve never noticed one myself while programming in Delphi but admittedly I am using a slightly outdated version, so who knows.

In case you didn’t know middleclick also focuses to the track, with one click.

There could also be a mouse gesture: R-click + scrollwheel and you’d scroll through columns/tracks. I know I’d use that.

Software functionality should be based upon the most weakest and limited part in the chain.

If you add any product specific gadget you have possibilities like

  • 80 to 99% of the rest of the world won’t benefit the feature.
  • The same 80 to 99% may experience bugs and side effects thanks to this addition but do not know the cause or logic behind it.