Horizontal View, Polyphase Resampling, Mid-Thru in Compressor

Hi. I´ve been testing Renoise for a while, and really like it on *nix. Have used it with 0.33 ms latency, and it is much like it felt to use a tracker on Amiga, just with modern features.

I was wondering if you could include Polyphase Filtering, as it sounds more like variable DAC like Amiga, without interpolation error, but with modern filtering.

Also a horizontal view, like later sequencers would be nice, just tracker oriented instead, compact save/load fileformat, not needing external plugins.

And also I have been doing much work with mastering, and a 4 submix to master would be an ideal master considering its background aswell. And I was wondering if you could include a mid-thru in the compressor. Then I can reduce ratio in the midrange, and it would make mastering perfect.

Serene Greetings.

Pushing full-forward on tracking on this tech-trance channel, where tracking was very influental.