maybe it’s an idea to add a HORIZONTAL option, that turns the sequencer
90 degrees, so you can use a ‘classical’ left-to-right approach to composing?

the main problem many people I know seem to have with a tracker,
is the sudden inverted 90 degrees change of approach and let’s face it:
top to bottom works, but is still a rarity among musicmakingsofties

So how would you insert the notes and FX commends? In rows?!? :huh:
I can’t imagine that being convenient…

I say we just have a joke button that turns the entire tracker on it’s side :P … even the text XD


Don’t ask ME about convenience though. REAL men sequence vertically.

Is this really about the most masculine composing-method? ;)

wouldnt it be available if we got the arranger??

I hope our arranger is vertical! :D

haha best suggestion yet!

The feature got implemented long before Renoise 1.0 was released:

  1. Grab your monitor.
  2. Rotate it 90 degrees on Z axis (on left handed coordinate system)
  3. Place it on the table in rotated position.
  4. Enjoy your horizontal tracker.

If you are still having troubles with it, I can post you a tutorial video. :P

Please do… I’ve been having problems with this feature for some time now :(

If anyone happens to be interested the MOST masculine composing method involves eating a live lion washed down with the complete works of hemmingway in hardback and then writing on a stave drawn on scrotal skin in pure testosterone whilst getting two women pregnant.
With quints.
And farting.

Do that horizontaly or verticaly… its still quite manly.

Horizontal would be nice, only if the bottom of the track would be on the left. That would confuse me to the max! Confuzion! :w00t:

Horizontal mode has TWO position bars?! :o

Ofcourse it has two position bars. It’s because horizontal editing is much more ADVANCED than vertical one.

Yes. Women don’t use trackers, remember? ;)

I think Renoise should have a phallic interface. That would be the most manly method of composing.

I want a screenshot of the phallic interface.

Sorry I forgot :unsure:

Secret rooting for piano roll is not tolerated. :P

Seriously though, you are right. If horizontal composers react anything like us (or me), they’d stop learning this great vertical composing app within a minute. That’s why piano roll is a good idea, then we can slowly creep tracking in under their skin. :D But most importantly, it get’s more woman in here!