Hosting For Less Fortunate Renoiserers

I have way too much server space and bandwidth for what I need. I figured out how to add subdomains to my website the other night and judging by my stats (about 0.2% average monthly usage of total data allowance) I reckon I can spare a little bit :)
If anyone needs somewhere to host their songs (and put up a homepage too if you want…) I can give 5 x 200mb space/5gb a month sites at
I’m no expert with the management of websites, so all I can offer is an ftp login to a http front page…but for music stuff this is probably all one really needs…
I was always intending to do something like this but never quite figured out how to set up the subdomains propperly :unsure:

so if anyones interested post in this thread, first 5 domains requested get a free site…

oh yeah, you have to be a registered renoise user ;) *

  • offer in no way affiliated with renoise crew, i just want to be mean to unregistered users :P

Not to take the wind out of your sails but I though that I would mention that the webmaster for the site I help moderate has started offering a few free but small webhosting.

This includes MySQL database and PHP, amounst other things, which I imagine you might have difficulties with using a sub-domain as often you can only have one such instance over the entire domain.

Also recently found which offers 1Gb storage for free (perfect for then linking to your files with your page and domain elsewhere.) Haven’t used them so no idea of their performance etc, but they claim to be add-free at least.

Very good of you to offer it though :)

the main thing is - no advertising, no restrictions with hotlinking etc, its not a very long URL and you know the guy that runs the site…

I tried every free sharing site under the sun before getting fed up and forking out cash on my own, theres always a catch somewhere. Seeing the number of people that still use those sharing sites to pass around songs is the reason I’m offering this…I figure not everyone can afford a site.

This is for my own benefit as well as others; as I HATE having to wait 30 seconds or whatever in lieu of paying for a premium account on those damn sharing sites :)

Anyway, offer will just sit here idle until 5 people have made claim; I’ve worked it out and thats how much I can spare - indefinately.

PS I think it is possible to have all that php stuff on the subdomains. I wouldnt know, I dont have any on my homepage (its a 20 minute text editor job…)

Think you may be right with php, to be honest webhosting isn’t something I know loads about. I do know most providers will only allow one MySQL database or similar, but that’s only likely to affect you if more than one person wants to set up a forum on their space (at least that’s my understanding, but as I said my knowledge is quite limited in this area.)

I know what you mean about those upload sites. Is it SendSpace or YouSendIt that’s now making you register just to download? (Which I refuse to do.) Reading and your files are uploaded and says you can get direct links and is completely add free. (Hmmm just read further and you need a free account to download from them, or the file to have been uploaded by a paying member. Bastards.) As I said I’ve got my own bit of ftp space anyway.

Very cool what you are offering people though. Perfect for somebody just wanting to put up a few of their tunes and always good to be dealing with somebody you feel you at least vaguely know and can trust.