Hotelsinus Theme

Hi there.!

Im Fanta from hungary.!

Happy to try Renoise Again and it fits my tunez well.! :w00t:

Firs thing i did is my theme… :D

here is and enjoy…

hotelsinus theme

peace Fanta

You might get more attention, if you had posted a screenshot of your theme. For me it’s eye hurting, to bright for my taste. :P

Welcome to the board!


ok here is :dribble:

peace Fanta

That really looks like a Fanta theme too. Stay bamBOOcha.

Let me quote the 5th dark world boss Blind from Zelda 3 on SNES:

“Gyaaaaah, too bright!!!”


Welcome on board, Fanta!

Too bright, but only the light-grey backgrounds actually…
In overall it is not a bad theme at all.

That’s true, it looks very good on the screenshot, but is too bright when I load it. Dunno why…

welcome to this board, fanta!

mybe i have TFT not a CRT