Hotkey For Swapping Instruments

Hi there

is there a hotkey for swapping isntrument number of notes in renoise? I want to do so that I firstly enter the notes and thenly swap them so I won’t have to hear every note I’m writing. it confuses me.

you can use the advanced edit panel’s swap funtion to achieve that, but there is no shortcut key for it

An easier way of avoiding playback while inserting notes would be to mute the channel you’re working with, there’s a hotkey for that, the '-key left of enter with * on shift.

My question is not really about the same subject but it also has to do with hearing/not hearing notes when you play them:

When I normally play a note in Renoise, it stops immediately after I stop pressing the key. But when I know play a note it keeps on going infinite (or, when it’s a .wav, untill the end of te wav). Is it possible that I accidently changed a setting, and how can I undo this?

If it is a sample-based instrument, you can change the release rate by setting the volume envelope in the instrument.

It is not turned on by default (checkbox in the upperleft corner).

If the sample plays till it’s end you probably have set the NNA in the sample properties to “continue” this will cause the samples being played till its end or endlessly if a loop has been set.

The NNA in sample properties was already set to “cut”. I did it again and restarted renoise but nothing has changed. All instruments (VST, WAV etc) play endlessly. However when I press the spacebar the tone stops, but normally it stopped when I released the key.

It might also be related to hanging midi notes in the other topic, some also have this with VSTIs and sample based instruments.
Taktik seems to have fixed this so you can try if B4 (when released, watch the pinned topics in the 1.8 bug-forum) still has your problem as well.