Hotkey For Upper Or Lower Panel Switch (like It Was In 1.5)

Also one useful feature was discounted - changing upper or lower panels with hotkeys.
New feature with Global interface presets is beautifull, but sometimes i need to quick switch Disc browser to Spectranalyser for example, and unable to assign a hotkey to this action (like it was in 1.5)

Is it possible to assign hotkeys to rotate between panels like it was in 1.5 ?

They are still available but bound to nothing. You can bind them to any key you like in the keyboard preferences: Preferences->Keys->Global->View->ToggleShowUpper/LowerFrameView

Oh i mean other action, sorry for bad description.
For example: if you press F3 multiply in 1.5 - you switching between all upper frames one by one: Disc Browser, Track Scopes, Master scopes, Spec View.

Is there ability to assign to any key same action in 1.8 ?
It was extrimely usefull and i miss it 1.8 so much…

no, this is not possible anymore in Renoise 1.8 for technical reasons. I also asked this during alpha stage, but taktik replied as this.

I see.
So, i’ll have to live with it.