House From A Home

more new stuff. this song largely was an experiment to see what i could do with all of the field recordings i’ve amassed over time.
the ambience in the background comes equally from a walk through downtown helsinki and (some months later) waiting for a train at chicago union station. the percussion comes from the ensuing train ride from chicago to ann arbor (slightly southwest of detroit) and a coffeeshop in ann arbor. little bits of sound chopped and messed with a bit…in fact, all of the percussive sounds in this track were sampled and processed by me and were made expressly for this track.

fun facts: the snare that sounds like somebody is saying “ace” at the same time came from the sound of flicking a plastic straw. also, the loud (bassy) kickdrum came from several layered recordings of dropping a grapefruit on various surfaces.

lots of fun to make, hope you enjoy it :)


This is incredible
Nothing else to say