House Song - Feedback Appreciated

Good day. New to the forum. I used to use Logic and bought Renoise a few years ago but never got into it. Now I’m abroad and only have a PC I forced myself and now I love it! I feel like I’ve got over the learning curve and my workflow is fast.

My last three soundcloud songs were made on Renoise 3.1. The latest is below. I would love to get some feedback on it, particularly because I’m still new to Renoise and I can only mix on my ATH-M50. I miss my monitors.

[media] [/media]

It sounds nice, and nothing really to pick on. If i should criticize something it could have been a bit more exiting, i kinda felt i had heard the song before and it got a bit boring, but that’s probably just me.

Thanks man. I’m happy with “nice” - good to know the mix doesn’t sound awful. Composition wise yeah the tempo and repetitive chords make it quite laid-back. My new song that I’m working on is more dynamic and is a mixture of house and UK garage.
I listened to your going nowhere song. The intro had me a bit non-plussed but when the drums kicked in and went DnB I was feeling it. I also liked the brief motif at 0:14 - it sounded like a throwback to the Prodigy Experience album.

Sounds like you got the thing about sounding right, all you need now is adding your original ideas (and maybe melodies).
And pls shorten that clap.
Nice work, i just miss slightly complex sounds.

Solid mate, groove is nice n tight and the E piano flows nicely , all in all great stuff man

Bovllov - thanks for the feedback. Yeah the song’s not very original but I guess I enjoy recreating the sounds I liked growing up. I’ll definitely push it on the next one. What’s the reason for shortening the clap? I like hearing the decay.

Garth Knight - Thanks for the kind words!

Sounds to me like the chords that first appear at 0:54 are out of tune. Other than that, I would just echo what others have said already. It does have a nice feel overall. Just needs a little spice.

yeah you’re right. It’s a diminished chord and it clashes a bit with the e piano. I did feel that but it didn’t bother me enough to change! My ear isn’t great so these things slip by sometimes. Thanks for the feedback.