How about a full manual with Renoise 1.30


Just wondering if there will be a totally up2date manual ready when 1.3 reaches final state.

Maybe in multiple formats ? (HTML, PDF, CHM, etc.)


I think there will be a updated help version Why not??? :D :D :D


on a related matter: are there any plans for expanding the help/tips section? I understand this hasn’t priority, but maybe some people of the community can write some articles (if they like to share their knowledge).

of course manual will be updated for new version.
there won’t be major change in writing style if that is what you meant.

web page is totally redesigned by now (only not yet online).

new redesigned page will have community page - i think we can fit some tutorials there. new page doesn’t have help page - some design issues, but we’ll see with time what we can do. the online tutorials could fill in the gap where the help file lacks.