How Can I Compensate Latency Of Vst Plugins?

I have got nice vst compressor plugin, but it introduces latency to a track and whole track is delayed . Is there anything I can do about that?

delay compensation is not implemented as of version 1.5

You can delay all other tracks individually or via a send with voxengo`s audio delay plug available for free here:

Nice plugin, thanks. But how can I calculate time of delay that I should introduce to other tracks? Is there any plugin for that?

Not that I am aware of I am afraid, I think you will just have to trust your ears if the latency is not given in the manual or on the plug UI.

Out of interest what plug is it that you are using btw?

PSP MixPressor. - Sounds really nice.

This thread may be of use hypnos ;) :…ic;f=2;t=000083

Try voxengo`s sample delay to get the 1023 samples delay you require:

Thanks a lot!
Maby you can recommend me other good sounding compressors?

Edit: I have none of the following payware compressors so do try the demos, I`m sure you would anyway but my advice comes from having tried out the demos myself and what other users have written also.

Voxengo have a lot of nice plugs including compressors. I have been put off these by the unconventional controls so far as I am still learning with regards to compression and want to get to grips with the more traditional type of plugs first. If you like these plugs however which are great sounding then they are great value and the developer is a very nice bloke and very responsive to customers. :) (I have one of his EQs so can vouch)

Kjaerhus audio also has a nice set of reasonably priced plugs and I have heard a lot of good things about them. Slightly different sound from voxengo but the best way is to see for yourself and try the demos. Have heard a lot of good about the developer too.

If you are after free comps there are a lot of good ones available at the moment also. My favourite at the moment is Gran comp from
Buzzroom in their free compressor pack.

Other good freebies can be found:

and kjaerhus has the classic compressor on their free VST page.

Check out HERE also for a comprehensive list of compressor VST plugs also. KvR is a very good resource for VST info. You can search the forum for compressor also and you will find endless threads on the subject.